Knowns and Unknowns about Autism

No parent ever wants to hear that his or her child has a diagnosis of autism. Parents also have very hard time accepting the fact the autism has no cure that science knows of. This being said, if you do observe behaviors that you can’t explain or notice signs of a developmental disability, you should discuss them with your child’s doctor as soon as possible. You want to learn as much as possible about various treatments and then create a plan together with your child’s doctor that will meet the needs of your child.

With new scientific discoveries happening every day, children with autism are getting better because of treatment plans, the care of extraordinarily talented doctors and the support of people who surround them. Such children look healthier, make friends, behave better and go to regular schools. When they grow up, they engage in the same activities others engage, including traveling, playing sports and even going to a place like all british casino. You child can do better and maximize his or her potential, too.

If your child has a developmental disability such as autism, it is very unlikely that you did something to cause the condition. Autism is very complex and no one understands it very well.

For example, researchers would observe a malfunction, but then they wouldn’t agree whether it’s a symptom or a cause.

Here are some of the facts about autism that all doctors agree on:

  • Developmental conditions such as autism are connected with the brain and the nervous system. They are more about biology that psychology.
  • The condition of autism belongs to the family of Pervasive Developmental Disorders.
  • A child is typically diagnosed with autism by the age of three.
  • Autism exists in every country and every ethnic group.

Scholars are conducting research to find answers, but even the questions are not clear. As a result, research about autism is very fragmented and while the scientists are collecting more and more information, they can’t always interpret what this information means.